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Fraud Prevention Archives - Eric S. Degen, CPA Titan Accountancy

October 23, 2023

15 Tips for Small Businesses to Prevent Fraud

Fraud can be a devastating blow for any business, but small businesses are particularly vulnerable. Limited resources and lack of specialized staff make it challenging to implement extensive anti-fraud measures. However, there are practical steps small business owners can take to protect their assets, reputation, and future. Here are 15 tips to help you prevent

June 21, 2022

Ten Ways to Help Prevent Fraud From Occurring in Your Business

The following are ten ways to help prevent fraud from occurring in your business: Review Monthly Bank and Credit Card Statements. If possible, do not send your bank or credit card statements to your business address if you don’t have a Bookkeeping/Accounting Department with good internal controls in place. Have them sent to your home