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Last year, after having worked in the private sector for 25 years, I made the decision to open a business of my own. I had no experience starting a business so immediately I was flooded with questions. Eric had completed my tax return earlier in the year so I reached out and asked if he had any advice. I am glad that I did. Eric took the time to explain so many things that I was unaware of and he offered many suggestions, which helped me to make more sound decisions. What I like the most is that he really takes the time to provide a thorough answer. His emails are very detailed and well thought out. When you go to the office you sit face to face and have a conversation. Nothing is rushed. For anyone considering a new venture in business, I would definitely recommend making a call and talking to him.  

  • Jody Fulton

    Revolution CNC, LLC

I recently had the pleasure of working with Eric S Degen, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He was able to help me get my finances in order and provide me with sound, strategic advice on how to maximize my profits and reduce my overhead. From the very first meeting, I was impressed by his level of professionalism, attention to detail, and his commitment to working closely with me to understand my unique financial needs and goals. He took the time to walk me through all of my options and provided me with a clear plan of action that helped me get my finances back on track. Moreover, his expertise and experience in the field were evident from start to finish. He was able to provide me with a deep level of knowledge and insight into my specific financial situation and was able to offer me practical and effective advice that helped me improve my bottom line. Overall, I would highly recommend Eric S Degen to anyone in need of a skilled, knowledgeable, and reliable CPA. With his help, I have been able to start and take my business to the next level, and I’m confident that he can do the same for anyone who works with him.

  • Timo Klotzsche

I have worked with Titan for the last 2 years, and could not be more satisfied with their service. After my husband died, I was adrift on how to handle all the changes and decisions that come with such a painful loss. Eric took the time to clearly explain the tax process and completed my tax return with his inherent patience and care, I could not imagine using another company.

  • Angela Schinzel

I have worked with Titan for almost 20 years. The client service is top notch. Eric and his staff are very professional and extremely knowledgeable. The attention they give you as a client, even a little thing, is amazing. 10 stars from me!

  • Teresa Davis – AFMG/Sofia Financial

    AFMG/Sofia Financial

Excellent service, very knowledgeable, accessible and willing to go the extra yard to help anytime it’s needed. I highly recommend you consider this your first option for financial and business advice.

  • Alfonso Citarella – Financial Services

    Financial Services

A professional firm offering positive results oriented strategies and solutions to SMB’s and commercial customers. Exceptional service to grow your business.

  • Alex Yaworsky – US Power Online

    US Power Online

“Over the last twenty years, Eric Degen has provided outstanding service, reporting and advice in connection with the Trinitas Regional Medical Centers KEYSOP plan. Over these years, he has facilitated the timely and faithful execution of all orders and calculations associated with this retirement plan.  He has also interfaced with our current and retired executives in a professionally and competent manner. For anyone that is considering utilizing his services, I give him my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION and I would encourage all prospective clients to engage in his services without any reservations.”

  • Glenn Nacion

    VP and CHRO - Trinitas Regional Medical Center

Eric provides excellent, very professional service; highly knowledgeable regarding the tax code and always able to answer my questions. He is always available and extremely responsive to his client’s needs.

  • Art Lizza

    Ghost Writer

They have a winning attitude that embraces all challenges and encourages collaboration. I trust (them) impeccably because frankly, (they have) never let me down.

  • Donald Peters


I recently switched to ESDTA .  I asked them to review some … and (they) were able to save me money within 15 minutes.  … (They) asked me a lot of questions and more importantly, listened to me.  … Their guidance and direction is second to none.  I highly recommend them.

  • Matthew McClosky 


Our work together to structure the purchase of my location … and on a number of other technical elements of my business produced incredible results that were well beyond my expectations

  • Richard Kennedy

    Owner, Richie’s Automotive Specialties

Eric and the Firm have provided excellent accounting and business advice. Their insights and recommendations have been solid.  I have relied on them for guidance and direction in several areas, which has proven to be invaluable.

  • The Industrial Ecology Company


I have worked with Eric and Titan for a few years now.  Our partnership has been very successful to say the least.  Thank you for your knowledge, responsiveness, and support.  I highly recommend!

  • Stephanie Hammerseng


I have to applaud Titan for their wonderful services.  Eric Degen, the Principal, does a wonderful job communicating with me and provides reliable information … I know that when I need something in a hurry, your team always comes through for me.

  • Matthew Petitt

    Saint Joseph’s University

Detailed, client oriented, with unstoppable energy and an abundance of caring for their clients and their clients’ goals.

  • Richard Silverlieb, Esq.


Upbeat, optimistic, and on top of their game.  You can be sure they will give you their undivided attention so they can put the best possible plan together for you.  Anyone who needs a boost with their business– or Individual matters – they’re your man!

  • Lisa Natoli

    Owner, Mainly Menus

ESDTA brings a wealth of experience and insight to the table. They have suggested creative and solid, effective approaches to a number of aspects of our business. I highly recommend them.

  • Joan DiMurro

    Owner, Payworks Payroll Solutions

…Great results, personable, experts … true professionals, we can rely on their information, they are timely and responsive, and a pleasure to work with.  I wish all my associations worked as smoothly.

  • Regina Ryan