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To make a payment online using a credit card or a PayPal account:

(Please read the complete instructions before proceeding)

  1. Click the Pay Now button, above.  You will then be taken to a secure processing page.
  2. Enter your name (and acct ID if known) and description of payment.
  3. Enter payment amount.
  4. If you have a PayPal account that you would like to use, log into your account in the PayPal dialogue box and proceed.
  5. If you are paying by debit or credit card, disregard the PayPal field and click on “pay with debit or credit card” and proceed accordingly.
  6. Please use the email link: to alert us to the fact that you have made a payment and/or if you would like to send us a message related to your payment.  You may wish to do this first, as the payment process will navigate from this page.

Thank you!