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Sales Archives - Eric S. Degen, CPA Titan Accountancy

July 25, 2023

Some Revealing General Sales Statistics

Below are some general historical statistics that have been reported in sales studies.  These do, of course shift based on factors such as the industry you serve, product or service, geography, etc.  How can you apply these to your practices? Average Lead Conversion: The average lead conversion rate across industries is typically between 2% to

July 26, 2022

Tips to Help Win More Proposals

You have landed the opportunity to present your proposal to a prospective new client.  You should always have a game-plan and the following preparatory and presentation tips should help tip the scales in your favor. Do the proper research. Learn as much about the prospective client before meeting as you can.  “Google is your friend.” 

Impulse Buy
August 23, 2021

Impulse Buys

  What Are Impulse Buys? We most commonly associate impulse buying in the traditional retail setting.  Typically, impulse items are those small pieces of merchandise that crowd the retail sales check out area and aisle ways.  They include candy bars, batteries, magazines, salty snacks, cold soda pops and other beverages, and other assorted items.  These