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Exit planning Archives - Eric S. Degen, CPA Titan Accountancy

August 24, 2023

Why Exit Planning Is Good Business Planning

In the bustling life cycle of a business, from its humble beginnings to its peak of success, many entrepreneurs may overlook one critical aspect: exit planning. Yet, in the realm of business strategy, exit planning is not just about selling your business or passing it down; it’s a cornerstone of comprehensive business planning. Here’s why:

January 4, 2023

Buy-Sell Agreements: Entity vs. Cross Purchase Agreements

A Buy-Sell Agreement assures a smooth transition of ownership and business continuity in the event of a departure of a partner or equity owner.  It is a legally binding contract that establishes how the departing owners’ shares may be reassigned (obtained by the remaining partners) should that owner die or otherwise leave the business involuntarily,

Business Drivers
December 12, 2022

8 Key Areas That Will Enhance the Value of Your Business

Try considering the value of your business from an investment standpoint. Eventually, you will ideally either pass the business on to a family member, sell it to key employees or sell it to a third party. Either way, your future is invested in the value of your business. By consciously developing the business as an

September 27, 2022

The 5 D’s That can Force Owners to Exit Their Businesses

Did you know that 79% of business owners have no written transition plan and 48% have done no exit planning at all? And on top of that, roughly 50% of all business exits are involuntary and are forced by dramatic external factors. You need to have a well-thought-out plan of what happens if something unexpected